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Luxor in a Day

Luxor in a Day

HyroglyphicsLuxor is the ancient city of Thebes in Upper Egypt.  Commonly cited as the World’s greatest open air museum with the ruins of both Karnak and Luxor Temple residing within the modern city and sited directly across the River Nile from the famous tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens.  

My long time travel buddy, Susan, was visiting Egypt for three weeks and this was one of many adventures we’d pack into her short visit.  (See Dahab does Ras Mohammed, Ras Mohammed National Park)  Jerusalem, Palestine,  Mount Sinai, Cairo coming soon.

It’s 6 am and we hop the minibus transport to the Sharm el Sheikh Airport.  We are met on the bus by a guide who will facilitate our check in at the airport and see us off.  We hop on the plane and in less than and hour we are in Luxor being greeted by our rep, Tommy, and ushered onto a air-conditioned coach.

We navigate from the airport to the West Bank of the River Nile to our first stop of the day:  The Valley of the Kings and Hashepsut’s Temple.  Hashepsut was the first female pharoh and you can read about her here.  Before we arrive at the Valley of the Kings, we travel back in time as we discover life along the Nile in Luxor Street Scenes.

Valley of the Kings