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Dahab Goes Home


“Then what is this penis for?”

asked the vet after a brief inspection of the puppy I placed on the table.   I had  just told him the puppy was a female.  So his question left me wondering why she has a penis and what would she use it for.

She had just become He.  

Several complications immediately cropped up in my mind, foremost, all that agonizing over naming the furry little thing had been for nothing.  I had settled on a name finally:  Bella, short for Bellady.  Now, well, he wasn’t looking so Bella anymore.  Puppy had only been with me for 36 hours at this point and a name was paramount, and now we had to start over.

The vet handed me Puppy’s passport with the name field left blank and we went home.  We struggled for two days with pronouns….she’s so cute, she’s gotta go out….she, she, she.  Using our puppy training techniques:  correcting each other, being patient, and rewarding each other for getting it right, my husband and I retrained our lexicon: he needs to go out, he’s biting his tail, take him with you 

When my husband proposed to name him Dahab way back on Puppy Day 1 (6 days ago now), I shot it down.  After leaving the vet, the husband started up with the Dahab name again.  He was gaining ground what with the gender revelation and all.  Dahab seemed a perfectly reasonable and logical naming convention.   He found puppy sitting on a street corner in Dahab when he happened to walk by.  A little jump, a swat of his little paw, a little puppy yelp and husband was smitten.   Puppy was scooped up and promptly relocated to Sharm el Sheikh.  Puppy is now living the dream:  steady food, water and a prominent place in our pack.

Fine, Dahab it is.

She’ll always be Bellady to me though.