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Sinai Wildflowers

The Sinai desert is alive with flowers and plants!

Bedouin History Desert Safari

wildflower collage

How many of these Sinai wildflowers can you identify? They are all in bloom now in south Sinai!

Check out the Wildlife of the Sinai Peninsula mission on Project Noah for help.

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Happy International Day for Biological Diversity!

Ocean Conservation is an issue we need to highlight throughout the year, whether it’s spreading awareness, informing and taking action, we are the stewards of the coral reefs left in this world. Let’s make sure they are protected for future generations.

Here To Conquer

That’s right! Today, May 22, is a United Nations sanctioned international day to highlight biodiversity issues in the world. Each year there is a theme (see I’m not the only one subscribing themes to each year), 2013’s theme is Water and Biodiversity!

As a scuba diver, this year’s theme is near and dear to me. I’ve been in awe many times exploring underwater gardens that almost seem surreal and from another world. You’re surrounded by brilliant and fluorescent colors put on display by fancy-looking fish and lackadaisically swaying anemones, some even seem to glow when sunrays reflect off of them. Coral reefs are brimming with so much life and aquatic traffic that they truly are cities unto themselves. There are times I’m just beside myself over the great beauty that exists beneath the waves- It just makes me plain giddy.

But I’ve also seen what a bleached coral reef…

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Take this gorgeous photographic journey through the Western Desert

Geometry & Silence

These photographs document a trekking and 4×4 journey through the Western Desert of Egypt. Starting at Bahariya Oasis we travelled through the Sahara Suda (Black Desert) and Sahara Beida (White Desert) ending up near Farafra. As a compliment to these images I produced a second, more abstract series of photographs entitled “Sahara Sands” from the same trip.

The journey was undertaken with desert explorer Sam McConnell who runs highly recommended adventure travel expeditions to the region in collaboration with Abou Anis of Sub Sinai, off-road driver Khaled, and the bedouin of Bahariya Oasis

Signed limited edition prints of this series are available at £195 each (60x40cm). To purchase please contact me. Larger sizes also available

Edit: I’m delighted that this post is featured in Freshly Pressed. Check out “Glimpses Of Iran” which was Freshly Pressed last year. Thanks for all your likes and comments and follow my Facebook…

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Aquarius Diving Club

Shark & Yolanda Reef is the most famous dive site in Sharm and one of the most spectacular dives in the Red Sea.  It is well known for it’s abundance of stunning coral and huge schools of jackfish, barracuda, and batfish that thrive on the nutrients brought in on strong currents.


This map displays a classic dive pattern: dropping in at Anemone City, following the current over the drop off to Shark Reef.   The wall at Shark Reef plunges to more than 700 meters.  Swimming along the sheer wall of Shark Reef you may encounter huge schools of jacks, barracuda, and batfish.  Swimming with the reef to your right you’ll approach the saddle which connects Shark to Yolanda Reef.

Yolanda Reef is blessed with a stunning coral garden and an abundance of life.  Rounding Yolanda you will find the remains of the Yolanda, a merchant ship carrying bathroom fixtures, cases…

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Aquarius Diving Club

Great day out in The Straits of Tiran this week with a combo of divers and snorkelers on the boat, it was comfortable with plenty of room on the dive deck and there were plenty of people to talk to and share some experiences with.  Our guides were Kareem and Ayman leading the divers, Seif was leading the snorkelers, Osman was taking photos and working his magic underwater, while Speed was there to help out and make sure that everything ran smoothly.   We were cruising on Maka with one of my favorite crews led by Captain Ibrahim.   There was a bit of wind as we left Shark’s Bay Marina but the sun promised to warm things up.

Rafah on El Medina

Cruising out of Shark’s Bay, Rafea waves to us from the bow of El Medina in Shark’s Bay, the sister ship to our boat Maka.  He was also heading out to…

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Egypt Tourism Board

1 The pyramids

It would be a travel-weary soul indeed who failed to be impressed by the spectacles of Giza, the only survivors of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It took teams of 10,000 workers they have non-farming months of 20 years to build each pyramid and they are awesome. Although climbing the pyramids is no longer permitted, you can walk right around them, take a camel ride between them and even go inside to the main chambers (providing you don’t suffer from claustrophobia as the entry tunnela are narrow, steep and hot). By contrast, the nearby Sphinx is, as English playwright Alan Bennett observed, like meeting someone famous who turns out to be smaller than you might have imagined from seeing them on TV or in photographs.


2 Egyptian Museum in Cairo

You could spend a month in this vast, fusty and cavernous museum and barely scratch…

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