Gordon Reef

Get Ready for your Next Adventure: Discover Scuba Diving

What is a Discover Scuba Dive?

divers in school of snapperWhat better place than in the splendid Red Sea to Discover Scuba Diving!  The under water world is like no other and the experience of weightlessness can only be described as floating in outer space.  No wonder astronauts are train as scuba divers before going into space!

 You can choose to do the dive in two ways:

Shore based:  We pick you up in the morning from your hotel, take you to our diving center where you will register and meet your instructor.  You’ll watch a video and take a quick quiz, confined water training, and then a dive in the Red Sea.

On the Boat:  Jump right in and experience scuba diving in the Red Sea!  Get picked up at your hotel in the morning, to the marina and out on the boat to a world class dive site suitable for beginners.  Your instructors are there to guide you every step of the way, from briefings to gear fittings to splashing into the sea!  They’ll teach you a few skills and then take you on a mission to Find Nemo!

It’s easy to fit a Discover Scuba Dive into your holiday just use the contact form below and we’ll start the adventure!


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