Life, the Universe, and The Red Sea

Moored at Gordon Reef
Moored at Gordon Reef, Straits of Tiran

To live and dive 

Gloriously wedged between the Sinai Mountains and the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh is a city blessed by good geography. World class scuba diving in waters teaming with marine life and boasting one of the healthiest coral reef systems in the world. The sparkling sapphire of the sea is offset by the golden hues from the dramatic mountain range that limits Sharm’s size and access. Desert adventures include hiking Moses Mountain, jeep safaris to colored canyons, camel trekking, and rock climbing. Sea side activities top out with scuba diving and snorkeling on world famous reefs.  The winter winds paint the sky with long  strokes of colorful kites: the surfers- artists as they ride the currents.

It’s a pretty spectacular place to be.  My job:  Scuba Instructor & Tour Rep.  My Life:  Married to an amazing man who brought home a puppy five months into our new homestead.  I’m not gonna kid you, this life is pretty sweet.

MMD: I’m married to this guy

Ever since my first dive in the Red Sea, I knew that I wanted to live here.   Good thing MMD agreed.  We spent the next three years in Houston, Texas working toward that goal.   We worked at dive centers, we became instructors, we were very active in the local diving scene.  We took a couple trips to Egypt and explored more of the Red Sea and just kept re-affirming our decision to make this our new home.

Finally, on August 1, 2012 we landed in Cairo and migrated to Sharm a few weeks later.  18 months on, I realize I’m starting to feel less like a stranger in a strange land and more strange in an even stranger land.  I guess I might be settling in a bit.

Everyday is an amazing adventure whether I’m above or below the water line.   There’s been misunderstandings and frustrations, revolutions and revelations  that converge together to make this expat life so colorful.

So relax and take a look around this blog.  I’d like to tell you some stories.  About Life, the Universe and the Red Sea.

The Red Sea is a unique and special eco-system.  An informative website by Dr. William Alevizon includes some interesting and easy to digest information about the Red Sea and it’s amazing reefs.



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