Tourism Month: Scuba diving and the environment

I think that scuba instruction needs to include an environmental aspect to educate divers on their impact on the marine environment.

School of Economics

September is Tourism Month in this year we will again be making a number of posts linking our research to the challenges and opportunities in this sector:

Scuba divers of all experience levels need to be educated to reduce ecological impacts on reefs by Serena Lucrezi, TREES.


Scuba diving is a growing form of tourism reflecting positively on the economy of coastal communities. However, negative impacts associated with scuba diving need to be prevented to safeguard the critical ecosystem services provided by reefs. Studies have explored the behaviour of scuba divers by psychological and skill-related factors to formulate plans for the management of reefs and diving tourism.

In Sodwana Bay, South Africa, scuba divers (n = 410) were interviewed on their diving motivations, excitement for marine life, experience, and perceptions of impacts, reef condition, and norms. The majority of interviewed divers preferred undisturbed and diverse areas, and those…

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