Shakin’ It Up in Sharm el Sheikh

An informative article written by recent visitors to Sharm el Sheikh


2 thoughts on “Shakin’ It Up in Sharm el Sheikh”

  1. Jeanne
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m on the Red Sea in Jeddah. Ah, Red Sea diving is the best in the world. At least that’s what my daughter has said. She’s dived the Caribbean and elsewhere. I only know from the Red Sea. And it’s supposed to be better than Egypt because Saudis don’t welcome tourists. So there are far fewer divers among the coral reefs. Anyway, I have an interest to visit Egypt and it should be fun to learn from your experience.


    1. Hi Victor,

      I’d love to dive in Saudi and check out the other side of the Red Sea. It is definitely less busy than Egypt as we have a well developed dive industry here. However, Sharm el Sheikh is in an enviably prime location washed by currents from the Gulf of Suez, Gulf of Aquaba and the Red Sea to the south so despite all the divers, we still have stunningly healthy reefs and a lot of fish in the sea. Is there a lot of fishing going on your side of the sea?


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