Happy International Day for Biological Diversity!

Ocean Conservation is an issue we need to highlight throughout the year, whether it’s spreading awareness, informing and taking action, we are the stewards of the coral reefs left in this world. Let’s make sure they are protected for future generations.

Here To Conquer

That’s right! Today, May 22, is a United Nations sanctioned international day to highlight biodiversity issues in the world. Each year there is a theme (see I’m not the only one subscribing themes to each year), 2013’s theme is Water and Biodiversity!

As a scuba diver, this year’s theme is near and dear to me. I’ve been in awe many times exploring underwater gardens that almost seem surreal and from another world. You’re surrounded by brilliant and fluorescent colors put on display by fancy-looking fish and lackadaisically swaying anemones, some even seem to glow when sunrays reflect off of them. Coral reefs are brimming with so much life and aquatic traffic that they truly are cities unto themselves. There are times I’m just beside myself over the great beauty that exists beneath the waves- It just makes me plain giddy.

But I’ve also seen what a bleached coral reef…

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